Spreadsheets, Struggles and Strategic Vision: Making the Transition From Tactical Management to Senior Leadership

Making the transition from tactical management to senior leadership is a progressive journey. There are stages when leaders must shift from individual contributors into strategic senior management and, later, executive leadership. Stepping into a role that requires the management of managers, and strategic leadership can often be as big an adjustment as the first step into management but is much less often discussed. This transition often takes place in two stages, starting with the “messy middle” where a manager must flex between the tactical management and the strategic, before shifting into the executive leadership space that maintains an almost exclusively strategic focus.

This panel will explore some of the critical mental shifts and work style adjustments needed to be successful through both stages. It will cover common pitfalls, new skills needed and questions for aspiring leaders to reflect on as they prepare themselves for upper management.

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Jun 25 2024


11:15 am - 12:15 pm


Phoenix C


  • Alyssa Nayyar
    Alyssa Nayyar
    Director, Chief of Staff

    Alyssa Nayyar pivoted from the education sector into the security field in 2015 where she started off as a GSOC operator. After a series of promotions and corporate moves from retail to finance, to tech Alyssa joined Sibylline in early 2023 where she works directly for the CEO running the central business office and driving global cross-functional initiatives. Alyssa’s passion is supporting the next generation of security leadership and helping aspiring senior leaders achieve success throughout their career.

  • Liz Lauzon
    Liz Lauzon
    Embedded Global VSOC Team Manager

    Over the past 10 years, Liz cultivated her LATAM regional expertise working at the Organization of American States (OAS), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and at Southern Pulse conducting LATAM security focused investigative projects. Liz honed her security intelligence skills while at Meta, where she transitioned from a Senior LATAM Analyst to an Intelligence Team Lead. Now with Sibylline, Liz oversees an embedded global SOC – balancing analyst growth with client needs.

  • Melissa Lucid
    Melissa Lucid
    Senior Manager

    Melissa joined the corporate security industry as an intelligence analyst in 2015. Since then, Melissa has been part of several GSOCs within tech and finance working with teams of all sizes and responsibilities. Melissa joined Sibylline in June of 2023 and is currently embedded with one of their largest accounts managing their GSOC.