Imposter Syndrome: Identify, Address & Overcome

Imposter syndrome is fueled by self-doubt and the belief that the position we hold is one in which we are not qualified or deserving. Both men and women experience imposter syndrome, but the psychological phenomenon is prevalent among women working in male dominated industries where they may face additional challenges.

As a 20-plus career veteran in the security industry, Julaine has experienced imposter syndrome several times, from her initial introduction into the workforce to her role as an executive. Through research, mentoring, and personal experience, she has curated a toolkit for combatting imposter syndrome. This includes acknowledging and accepting self-doubt, disposing of the “fake it until you make it” mindset, building a positive support network, being on your own side, and challenging your own negative self-talk.

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Jun 24 2024


1:45 pm - 2:15 pm


Desert Sky


  • Julaine Simmons
    Julaine Simmons
    VP of Security & Electronic Systems

    Julaine Simmons, vice president of Security & Electronic Systems at M.C. Dean, oversees division operations, customer growth, and employee development to keep the company at the forefront of the security industry. She also serves as a program executive for federal agencies and commercial sector customers. Having worked with M.C. Dean for more than 13 years, she has helped the company expand relationships with some of our top Department of Defense and Intelligence Community customers, advancing M.C. Dean’s mission-critical capabilities.

    Julaine is an executive sponsor of Women at M.C. Dean, an affinity group established to support female employees across professional fields. She represents the company at universities and industry organizations, such as the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Women in Technology, providing mentorship and advocating for career growth of women in engineering and technology.

    Julaine earned her Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech with a focus on fiber optics communication and telecommunications, and has been working in the security industry for over 20 years.