Awkward and Upward! Your Surprising Secret Weapon for Taking More Risks at Work

Advances in technology have made it easy to avoid real human interaction. While texting, online ordering, and “swiping right” is convenient, we’re losing the skills of relating to others, building trust and connection, and enduring the critical friction and messiness we get from being in proximity to each other. This weakening of our social muscles is slowly destroying our ability to take smart risks at work – like collaborating with colleagues, initiating tough conversations, speaking up, and sharing new ideas.

Risk-taking sounds good in theory, but most of us have a hard time moving from wishful thinking to execution. Why? Because when we have a chance to take a risk in the moment, we feel awkward – and that awkwardness bumps up against our deep desire for others to approve of us and what we do. As it turns out, it’s what we improve in the face of taking risks – often despite others’ judgment – that leads to the greatest growth. After all, the fastest path to major improvement comes from strengthening what’s weak, rather than what’s strong.

After this keynote, you’ll be able to:

  • Pinpoint the exact reason it’s been difficult to take risks – and how to move past it
  • Use deliberate discomfort and strategic microstressors to rebuild our social and risk-taking muscles
  • Create a custom plan for speaking up, sharing ideas, and being courageous and risk-ready whenever the chance arises


Jun 25 2024


8:45 am - 9:45 am


Phoenix C


  • Henna Pryor
    Henna Pryor
    2x TEDx and Global Keynote Speaker, Workplace Performance Expert, Author and Executive Coach, Pryority Group

    Henna Pryor, PCC is a dynamic workplace performance expert and an award-winning 2x TEDx and global keynote speaker, virtual presenter, author and professional executive coach. Her playful style and high-impact talks blend two decades of work with corporate leaders and teams, with a fresh, science-based approach to taking more strategic risks and boosting social and mental fitness for success at work.

    Her clients call her their “secret weapon for impossible change,” an honor she wears proudly.

    An accomplished speaker and author, she brings her expertise to a variety of global organizations including Google, Workday, Johnson & Johnson and JPMorganChase. She’s recognized as a SUCCESS Magazine Woman of Influence, and has been featured in top TV, podcast, and print media including Forbes, NBC, Washington Post, Fast Company, Inc.,, HuffPost and many more.